We believe in the beauty of words and design.

Words have power and life. We celebrate declarations of advocacy and truth, branded across bodies, printed on pages, and scrawled on doorposts. Written language for our own hearts and all the world to see.

Design expands the heart and eyes to see beauty in all things. There is inherent worth in the beautiful-to reflect the Creator, to inspire the heart to worship, to instill joy and peace.

We believe in supporting artisans and small businesses.

Creating mirrors the Creator. We celebrate creative and creations, initiatives and innovations, fair wages and entrepreneurship.

We believe in quality.

Excellence is the only measure.

Customer experience, quality of goods, and undistracted satisfaction are the only acceptable standard.

We believe in family.

Family is sacred. Our family is our favorite family of all. Family owned and operated, from vision to design to preparing your order. Our family’s love for each other and our products touch every part of our business.

You choose your impact.

every purchase benefits a child entering foster care

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